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Known for his financial literacy programs, Dave Ramsey has helped thousands of families become debt free and grow wealth through his Financial Peace University classes. As part of this process, Dave has built the SmartVestor Pro (SVP) program for families to receive investment advice from qualified professionals. SmartVestor Professionals are local professionals in your area that Dave and his team have handpicked to serve Dave’s fans. Each and every SVP goes through a careful interview process to make sure they deliver the same excellent advice as Dave does, provide outstanding customer service, and have the heart of a teacher.

Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps to Financial Freedom

Ken and Scott help clients implement what they’ve learned from attending Financial Peace University, reading Dave’s books or just listening to his radio show.  We incorporate Dave’s principals (7 baby steps) into your individual strategy and plan.

Step 1.

Have an Emergency Fund of $1000

Step 2:

Pay Off Debt (Except Mortgage)

Step 3:

Save 3-6 Months of Expenses

Step 4:

Invest 15% of Your Income into Retirement

Step 5:

Save For Your Child’s College Education

Step 6:

Pay Off Your House Mortgage

Step 7:

Build Wealth & Give to Charity

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