Special Needs News | May, 2024

How Are Benefits for Disability (SSDI) Calculated?

When applying for SSDI, many people want to know upfront how much they will be eligible to receive in benefits each month. An individual on a fixed income who can’t work because of a disability needs this information to ensure they will have sufficient income.

Independent Living for People With Disabilities

People with disabilities often face barriers to living on their own. However, a variety of community-based options present an alternative to long-term care facilities, helping individuals with disabilities maintain autonomy.

CRDP and CRSC Support Retired Disabled Veterans

Through Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP) and Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC), retired military personnel can receive compensation for disabilities or combat injuries. CRDP pay generally covers conditions caused or aggravated by military service, while CRSC pay is only for combat-related disabilities.

Social Security Overpayment Rules Changing Under New Leader

By law, the Social Security Administration must attempt to recoup any overpayments it has issued, even if they were made by mistake. In many cases, the SSA would withhold entire checks from recipients it had overpaid.